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Ad Hoc Teams – Epic or Epic Failure?

Today I presented at the GSRC District Meeting in Atlanta. This was the first time I presented this work which is based on research I have been working on in the area of ad hoc teams. graph-adhocteamAn ad hoc team is formed for short periodsĀ and for specificĀ purposes (i.e., trauma code or code blue). The so what in this presentation is that ad hoc teams is an opportunity for RTs to shine. Respiratory Therapists are in a position to expand roles in these teams or to give up responsibility… it is our decision.

The presentation is organic and growing as the research moves forward. Below is my most recent version of the presentation.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss the work.

Download – Ad hoc Teams Presentation

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Respiratory Therapy – AHM – Standard 2

This presentation focuses on the profession of Respiratory Therapy in the context of the Allied 1Health in Medicine course standards. Each standard is presented and supplemental content to aid the teacher in covering the standard is provided. There are respiratory therapists around the state interested in helping cover this content. If you are interested in having an RRT visit your school and assist with this material, please let us know. If there isn’t a therapist in your are that can assist, Middle Georgia State College can assist. The presentation can be viewed at the link below…

Download Respiratory Therapy Presentation