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Messy in Medicine

For those who attended my presentation on Messy in Medicine at Columbus Technical College, I’m posting some of the links I highlighted and some of the pictures. Remember, the focus was to save money while remaining safe with your students. You have my official permission to try new methods and see what happens, but remember safety first. Do it on your own arm before doing it on your student. If you die you will probably not do it to your students, <<< LOL >>>.

Let me know if you have any questions and please send me pictures of what you are able to create.


Image Perspectives – www.moulage.net – These folks are good people and friends of mine. If I 10341574_584454991651665_7911267323207817883_nneed makeup that is of a higher quality I only order it from Image Perspectives. As I mentioned in class, I don’t cut corners on blood, and this is how I do it. When I call Image Perspectives I usually get the owner (Marge) or her daughter. I have worked with them for over 12 years and I’ve never been disappointed.

Teen Maze 2014 – This is the full video we recorded when doing our part of the Teen Maze event at the Pulaski School System. The scene builds on the Drinking and Driving scene outside the building where a car is wrapped around a tree and the EMS service perform an extraction of the victim. If you are interested in our team putting on this scene or assisting with your students doing the same, just let us know.

Copy of presentation:    Messy in Medicine

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