Simulation is the practice of creating an artificial environment of any type to develop or observe the needed skills, thought processes, and system patterns for performing in the given situation. Simulation is not new by any stretch of the imagination. Training in areas of flight, medicine, and the military have long used simulated experiences to develop participants. What has changed over the last decade is the level of realism aIMG_20150328_132647_924nd the accuracy of the technology involved in simulation. Now, simulation has become a field of study in and of itself. This sub-website is dedicated to Dr. Colquitt’s development and personal experience as a simulation specialist.

You may be looking at this picture and wondering what it has to do with simulation. Well, simulation is also taking what you have and making it into what you want it to be, look like or be thought of by the end participant. This scene is actually three different spots for a favorite TV show, the Walking Dead. In simulation we make a new reality out of our current reality.

Check back as I develop this sub-site.  DC…




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