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Objective 1 – ACCS Exam

Ok… that wasn’t easy but I can say it is done. For those that do not know, the Adult Critical Care Specialty credential is the next step for a Registered Respiratory Therapist who wishes to demonstrate their level of knowledge and critical thinking in the field. I pushed off taking the exam for some time but finally bit the bullet and did it.

Yes, I practiced what I have been preaching to my students for the last 6 years. I believe tests are not so much about your ability to care for patients but your ability to care for an exam. The exam is multiple choice with long and at times confusing cases to manage. The process is simple but must be followed.

  1. Plan out the adventure of the exam. Set a date for taking the exam and pay the $$$ or you will never move past this step.
  2. Pretest to identify your weak areas. Focus on the weak areas as you study. If you have access to a video/audio review then use it but start with the weak areas so you can go back and redo them on the back end of the plan.
  3. Retest under the testing conditions. This gets your endurance up to speed. Time yourself and take the breaks you plan to take during the exam. Take it at the same time you have the exam scheduled to be taken…. everything as if it were for real.
  4. Review your retest questions and find the answers in the text or study guide. Don’t just take the answers for granted… prove each one. This gives you purpose for reading the material.
  5. Step away from your material for a few days as you approach the final week. Rest your mind but don’t disengage. Prep for the routine you will do that final week.
  6. During the final week. Start each day the same as you will on the exam day… eat the same, drink the water, and fish to prep your brain… every detail.
  7. Get up each morning at the same time you plan to on the exam day and take an quiz/test each morning prepping more intentionally for the process of the exam rather than the content of the exam.
  8. Yes, I do review the formulas and numbers but at this point, I should have already covered everything. There should be nothing new for me to review.
  9. On the big day… I just do what I’ve been doing for the last few days. No surprises.

There are some other small tricks I follow but that is for later. I stick to my plan and it has not failed me…. yes I pray a lot. God blessed me on this exam.

If you plan to take the exam or one like it let me know. I would love to be your cheerleader and guide if you need one. I’ve done it many times in the past and yes… I coached myself and it worked.

So… 2016 Objective 1… DONE!!! ~ Jimmy Colquitt, PhD, RRT-ACCS


Pawn or Knight

I’ve recently returned to the social media world and in doing so reattached to Twitter. If you don’t have time to read long posts, Twitter is for you. You can read a sentence length post from your friends and quickly  move on to something else. I have my Twitter feed attached at the bottom of this website. One post that really caught my attention is from my younger daughter. She is an intellectual power house.

I`d rather be a smart pawn than a dumb knight. Because only a pawn can become a queen. ~ Sylvia C.

For me this is big. I read it today and thought it would be a great object of a blog post for those who like to read more. This quote has three characters: Knight, Pawn, and Queen. If you play chess this tweet makes sense but if not let’s look at it.

The Knightknight

The knight is the most creative piece on the chess board. He (or she if you will) jumps and moves in two directions in the same move; two forward and one over or two over and one forward, in any direction. The knight has a choice of 8 different landing spots. The knight attacks on any spot he/she lands own. Basically the knight is used to control major spots in the center of the board. Exciting life of the knight.




The Pawn

You have probably heard the analogy before in the statement, “He is just an pawn in this crisis.” This means the lowest person on the totem pole. The pawn is the first line person in the game of chess. This piece has the most limited ability; they only move forward and one space at at time. They can also only attack at a diagonal. In most games of chess the pawn is a blocking  figure more than an attacking piece. Very meaningless life. But there is one trick…


The Queen

Probably the most powerful piece on the board. She can do anything except jump. As many spaces in any direction. She attacks when she lands. Other than the king, she is the most important piece on the board. Or is she???

Final thoughts…
queensThe rest of the story is that the pawn can become a queen if they progress to the other end of the board. As the pawn moves forward it is called promotion. When the pawn is fully promoted it can become any piece desired. As a “pawn” in life, tenacity, and work will continue to earn promotion to the next level. Working hard to learn everything you can as you go is key. In the end you can reach the top… queen. However, while the work the knight does may seem exciting and the powers they have may be strong, they are often times eliminated because they are a target. The knight is also stuck in that position. No matter how hard the knight works, it quickly reached its peak in life and the only other option is elimination.


Again… smart pawn rather than stupid knight. Smart pawns have their sights set on becoming queen.