Cold Camping Can be Fun

This weekend was a bit cold but it was certainly fun. James and I went with his troop to do a day of climbing at Lawhorn Scouting Base in the Flint River area. I did not climb because I had the duty of serving as the fire manager / adult on relaxation duty at the camp site. That was my self proclaimed title. James and the other scouts climbed and repelled all morning. Then after lunch they went back for round two. I found myself stuck in a chair monitoring the status of a warm fire and holding down a comfortable sleeping bag. Hard work. IMG_20150228_133029_758

In addition, James and I experimented with some cooking recipes so we could be prepared for an upcoming camp and hike form our pack event. I discovered that a simple percolator can be used for a variety of purposes and in a number of ways. We cooked rice and chicken, pasta and pesto, hot cocoa, and oatmeal. It worked better than expected. I cheated some by eating hamburgers with the adults, but the meals I had were more than enough. I loved it… and so did James.

Sunday morning was cold and wet but it all came together well. Loads of fun. This covers James’ adventure for February. I think his next event will be a Merit Badge Weekend… Oh boy.

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Angel Left the Country

Well she is officially off and going to Germany. It wasn’t easy, but she 2015-02-11 14.45.18was so independent. She has her paperwork2015-02-11 16.31.00 together. She spoke to the desk agents with confidence. She could not have been more ready for this. I’m so impressed with her. I don’t know what she will do while she is there for various reasons, but I 2015-02-11 12.29.44know it will be fun. She will be with her friend in a place that most in the world will never have a chance to visit. Yes she is soooo lucky… but so am I. I am soooo much more luck to have a daughter like her.  2015-02-11 15.42.02

What’s more…. well I’m not only blessed with Sylvia (the traveler), God gave me a Elisabeth (the worshiper), and James (the… leader, the scout, the stand-up comic, the inventor). Thank you God.

Through all of this I realized something. It has kept me together. God said He would take care of all of my needs and the needs of my family. As Angel travels, I am called to guide her and trust that He will keep her safe. He has her needs taken care of… I am only responsible for her comfort. God said He covers our needs but it may not be comfortable. I did my best to cover the comfort in packing her and sending her off with the “things” she wanted to take.

He’s got the important stuff covered… and I helped (not that He needed it).

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