Visit to Woodbury and Alexandria

IMG_20150328_134311_709Today we took a spur of the moment trip to Senoia… I mean Woodbury and Alexandria from the Walking Dead. A therapist I met yesterday at the GSRC Atlanta District Meeting recommended the trip because of my interest in the TV show. Elise and Sylvia seemed in really into it. Elise took pictures and Sylvia helped me explore. We discovered things were very different than what we saw in the show. The magic of television is amazing. The wall was up for Alexandria but it seemed like the houses were on the wrong side. We found the tunnel scene where Glen went in to search for Maggie but it too was nothing like what we expected. IMG_20150328_133647_533

We also discovered Matt’s SIMG_20150328_132647_924malltown Pizza… loved it. And we must mention the Senoia Coffee and Cafe… I had the Zombie Dark which was as strong as expected. If you ever go, take note of all the movie pics and scripts on the walls of the stores. The actors seemed to really enjoy their time at Senoia.

I want to return to this town when it is not so cold. It was a great experience.

Our next adventure for TWD will be based on previous seasons… (##)

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Ad Hoc Teams – Epic or Epic Failure?

Today I presented at the GSRC District Meeting in Atlanta. This was the first time I presented this work which is based on research I have been working on in the area of ad hoc teams. graph-adhocteamAn ad hoc team is formed for short periods and for specific purposes (i.e., trauma code or code blue). The so what in this presentation is that ad hoc teams is an opportunity for RTs to shine. Respiratory Therapists are in a position to expand roles in these teams or to give up responsibility… it is our decision.

The presentation is organic and growing as the research moves forward. Below is my most recent version of the presentation.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss the work.

Download – Ad hoc Teams Presentation

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